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Why is steel fire door better than wooden fire doors?

  • Wooden doors are what most people would consider normal, but in fact with a wooden door you and your property are less protected them a much less durable option. Installing a steel security door as a replacement is not only cost effective, but as a security measure its an invaluable addition to our business.
  • Metal doors have a life of around 15-20 years whereas the life of wooden doors are very less.
  • Maintenance of metal fire door is very less as compared to wooden fire door.
  • Metal fire door gives good insulating value as compared to wooden fire door.
  • Metal fire door provides much more security than of wooden fire door.
  • Metal is considered as green building material as compared to wood.
  • Authencity of metal can be easily checked as comapred to the wood.
  • Metal doors with lamination can bring an outmost beauty & grace with security & less maintenance cost, compared to wooden fire doors.

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