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Door Installation Manual

Door Installation Manual

Pre Installation Checks

  • Check the package content is not damaged.
  • The door frame supplied fits into the opening.
  • The area is cleared of all obstructions.
  • Package is complete (Check contents against the delivery note).
  • Check it is safe to drill around the opening (Electrical cables, gas pipes etc.)
  • The work area should be free from debris and the operator should beware of obstructions.
  • All necessary tools in place and the tools are fully functional.

Fixing of Door

Before fitting Sehgal’s door make sure you have everything necessary and you are well prepared to make your work faultless. Before inserting the frame in to the opening make sure your frame is aligned. Once it is ready, insert the frame in to the opening. Make sure, the frame is perfectly square. You can check, it is square by measuring from corner to corner using for example steel tape (measurements should be identical). Ensure ground level allows for operation of door set, adjust frame jambs as required. In order to check the frame sits straight and in the vertical position, place a spirit level parallel to the frame. Adjust the frame as required. Once the frame is sitting in the opening and is perfectly square start fastening through the holes.

Fitting Door to Frame

Once the frame is square and level, check that the door fits the frame. The door should have the hinges already fitted, but If not fit them. Now hold the door up to the frame - at right angles to the frame (as if it's opened). Make sure the door is at the right height. At this stage using one fixing fit the top hinge to the frame first and then the bottom hinge. Check operation of the door leaf. Adjust the adjusting screws in the frame as required. When all the adjustments have been made secure the opposite side.

Fitting of Door Hardware

ARM CLOSURE when the door sits firmly in the frame you can start fitting the hardware. Before fitting closer however, make sure you are well prepared; all tools and fixings are at the work area. The arm closer comes with a template to help position the unit correctly. The template for both sides (left and right fitting) is included in manufacturer fitting manual. Be sure to use the correct template. First thing you have to do, is place the template.

First thing you have to do, is place the template in appropriate side of the door and mark the fitting points. Then attach arm and bracket to the frame precisely where it has been marked. Attach arm to spindle with screw. Using a wrench on the square shaft on bottom of closer, rotate shaft approx. 45 degree toward hinge edge of door. Hold and place main arm on shaft on top of closer. Tighten arm screw with lock washer securely. When body is ready you can attach it to the door. Position body with arm attached over drilled holes on the door. Once fixed slide the latch. The last step is to connect main arm to the frame arm. Make sure you tighten it securely. At the end fitting replace the cap at the bottom of the closer and replace the cover on the body. For best practice please follow our manual.